Recital Package

Our  Recital Packages can be available at absolutely no cost to your dance school!

Recitals can pose many challenges for the camera, from lighting contrast, to dynamic sound, and the fast pace of your event. Our camera videographers have had up to to 20 years of training and professional experience needed to capture and present an award winning production.

All recital packages include an opening montage, custom titles, and professional sound, mixed on our advanced digital equipment.

DVDs include chapter titles for each dance number, and each dvd order custom made packaging, including your logos and the date of your recital.

Parents can relax and enjoy the show, knowing that our professionals will capture the program like no one else.

Option 1: Single Camera Coverage – $250

(1 DVD Copy Included, Additional DVDs $8 each)


Option 2: 3 Camera Coverage w/ Studio Equipment – $0

(Minimum Order of 30 DVDs @ 29.95 Each Required)


Option 3: 3 Camera Coverage w/ Studio Equipment – $500

(3 DVD Copies Included, Additional DVDs $8 each)