Welcome to the BP Video Group.  Through Massachusetts and New England, we have helped keep people’s memories and present their stories in meaningful ways.

Here at the BP Video Group, we understand the power of video is strong.  For over a decade in the Boston and New England area, we have produced videos for a wide range of areas. These have included helping High School students present their athletic skills to colleges, helping a bride and groom keep their memories for a lifetime, and schools and companies show what they are all about.

Whether you have a child going into College for theater or sports, if you getting married, if there is an anniversary or Mitzvah, or you are a School or Corporation wanting to spread the word on what you can accomplish, the BP Video Group can produce a video for you.  This video will be a strong personalized video made for each client in a way that will present your message or story for a long time to come.

Call us today at 508-415-9018 or email us at bpvideogroup@gmail.com.  

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